Modern Small Business: Getting The Day-To-Day Right

At the core of the success of modern small business is getting the day-to-day right! Without up-to-date and accurate transaction records it is impossible to know how your business is really performing and very difficult to make informed decisions for future direction.

Bookkeeping done well will maintain records of accounts payable and receivable, bank balances, payroll records for employees, ATO liabilities and will provide invaluable information for cashflow management and business planning. It also facilitates easier access to bank funding if needed, allows for more meaningful budgeting and forecasting and makes tax compliance far less painful. All in all, a high standard of bookkeeping is your business’ best friend!

At Pembertown we can offer stand-alone bookkeeping services at rates designed to provide maximum value and efficiency. We have recently brought in expert staff in order to assist to broaden our service offing and ensure that we continue to provide complete solutions for small and medium businesses. A link to our bookkeeping services info page can be found here:

Recent developments in accounting online systems have been game-changing and have made shoeboxes full of receipts and excel spreadsheets a thing of the past. Our partnership with MYOB accounting systems allows us to assist in providing bookkeeping which is painless, seemless and could almost be considered fun…

Contact us anytime on 1800 803 017 to see how our bookkeeping and accounting services could change the way you do business.

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