SMSF scams are on the rise: Here’s how to fight back

  The growing prominence of SMSFs has made them a ripe target for scammers.  

6-member SMSF registration availability to begin mid-August

  SMSFs will be able to add a fifth or sixth member to the fund using the Australian Business Registry from mid-August.  

ATO zeroes in on SMSF lifestyle assets

  The ATO will now have information on an individual’s new $65,000 car or their $100,000 boat as it looks to flush out tax dodgers who aren’t being completely honest about their financial affairs.  

SMSFs go for growth

  SMSFs are looking to invest more in equities and less in cash in this low-yield environment, according to the Vanguard/Investment Trends 2021 SMSF Investor report released last week.  

Four steps to plan for a better retirement

  Here is a practical approach to creating a retirement plan that will help enable financial peace of mind.  

SMSF members highly satisfied with funds

  SMSF members are highly satisfied with their choice of superannuation fund and the sector has topped satisfaction ratings across all types of funds.  

World GDP Ranking (1960~2025)

  How countries have evolved during this 65 year period is fascinating stuff to watch.  This chart is based on IMF Reports.  

Guide to writing a business plan

  Whether starting a new business or re-planning an existing one, a business plan is always a good idea.  Getting professional help drafting you plan is another good idea because planning a business's future should be done in the best manner possible.  

Year-end tax planning

  Tax time is here again and pressure is mounting.  

Tax mix to rely more heavily on income tax as the Treasurer ducks austerity

  The Australian economy is predicted to grow “slower than previously thought” over the next 40 years, as the nation grapples with a tax mix that relies heavily on income tax despite an ageing population.  

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