5 Small Business Government Grants You Need To Know About

Starting a small business can be one of the most challenging and demanding things you could do – with endless drains on your time and resources, things can quickly become unmanageable. Luckily the Australian Government recognises that sometimes great ideas need a helping hand to get off the ground and have a range of funding […]

Paying Millions To Collect Billions: The Tax Whistleblower Rules In The USA

Given that the 2016-17 Federal Budget flagged the introduction of tax whistleblower rules in Australia, the CA ANZ Tax Team has started researching possible models which could be considered. First stop has been the USA. Under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 7623(b), a whistleblower can receive 15% to 30% of the amount collected by the IRS. The information […]

Why Accounting For Sustainability Is Critical For Our Future

Chartered Accountants ANZ have been members of the Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) of the Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Project for over 8 years. In December last year, I attended their Annual Summit in London. The Summit opened with a session at the Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens. The interactive networking […]

What’s Special About Special Purpose Financial Reporting In Australia?

It’s not every day that technical accounting debate makes the front page of a newspaper. However that is exactly what happened in recent months. So what is the deal about this? More importantly, what should be done? In every jurisdiction around the world the debate about who should lodge publically available financial information and how […]

Sleep Better With These Brilliant Sleep Hacks

  We can all benefit from catching an extra hours sleep from time to time. Not only can having a good bedtime routine improve our mood and wellbeing but it can also have a positive impact on our health. There are many scientific sleep hacks proven to help you drift off but there are also […]

When Are Travel And Accommodation Tax Deductable?

  Travel expenses from home to work are generally not an allowable deduction. Travelling expenses incurred in the course of the taxpayer’s work or in travelling between one place of business and another will be deductible. For example: motor vehicle expenses, air, bus, train or taxi fares, car rental costs, etc. Accommodation and meals on business […]

Habits Are Contagious

  It’s hard to change a habit. According to a famous 2009 study conducted by University College London, it took anywhere from 18 to 254 days to change a habit, depending on the complexity of the behavior forming the habit. The more complex the behavior, such as washing your face verses swinging a golf club, the more […]

What it Takes to Run a Successful Family Business

There are over two million small businesses in Australia, and Government research shows that 87% of them are family businesses. While they have a lot in common with other businesses, family owned and operated businesses also face their own challenges and rewards. We look at what makes a successful family business and offer tips on […]

Does A Small Business Need Leadership Or Management?

Does your business need leadership or management? The answer is both. Have you ever heard the expression “too many generals and not enough soldiers”? Well, it works both ways. Too many soldiers without a strong general will surely find themselves fighting the wrong battles! Experience has shown us that businesses with too many leaders inevitably […]

The gaping hole in the discussion on GST is the impact on small business

In light of the government decision to take GST reform off the table, now is the time to consider other options to reduce red tape for small businesses, and help this vital part of the economy succeed. Unfortunately, the recent GST debate was focused on the wrong point. With politicians fixated on rates of GST and its carve-up, […]

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