Choosing an Executor

  Obligations and responsibilities of an executor are significant.  Their decisions can be monumental.

Asset valuation crackdown imminent for SMSFs

  Two SMSF auditors, including a big four firm, have revealed that they expect the ATO to home in on asset valuations imminently, ahead of the introduction of new caps on 1 July 2017.

New Year (investment) resolutions

  An astute way to begin a new year is to take a close look at your personal finances - including your super and non-super investment portfolios and your retirement-saving strategies - and to think about what improvements should be made.

ATO fires warning shots at cash economy exploiters

  The ATO has warned businesses in the cash economy are a major focus area for the regulator as it ramps up its scrutiny of third party data, in an effort to ensure  a fair marketplace for businesses doing the right thing.

Have You Claimed These Tax Deductions On Your Rental Property?

Think you’ve claimed all you can on your investment property? Depending on your circumstances, the expenses you can claim as tax deductions on your property can vary!  Knowing what deductions you can claim can be confusing. For instance, some people mistakenly assume that maintenance and repairs of their property before it is leased can be […]

How To Claim Your Super When Leaving Australia

If you’re on a temporary working visa in Australia and wish to return home, you may be wondering whether you can claim superannuation earned during your employment here. This payment is called a Departing Australian Superannuation Payment (DASP), which you can claim if you meet the required criteria.  Chasing down your super payments can be a bit of a […]

5 tips to get home office deductions right

  You might be sick of the daily commute, or want more flexibility of hours – or it could be that you have a talent or skill and feel sure that this can translate into a fulfilling career in your own business.

Tax Deductions For Tradies

Tradies work long and hard to meet tight deadlines, which often leaves little time or energy to think about finances and taxes. As a result many tradespeople pay too much tax, miss changes in legislation or suddenly find their cash flow is not as healthy as they thought. Staying In The Loop Apart from making sure you […]

Record Keeping: Best Practices For Small Business Owners

Time is limited as a small business owner: it’s easy to be overwhelmed in looking after your customers, suppliers, and staff. Business record keeping is important, so if you don’t have a clear process for how to keep records of your payments and invoices, your records can become quite messy and inaccurate. This can mean serious trouble […]

Common Myths About Online Accounting

Going online raises concern for some people, but the reality is that online accounting can make your accounts more secure, not less so. Between multiple layers of security and backup, an online accounting solution is a sensible choice – but the myths still persist. Here are the three most common myths around online computing, and […]

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