Claiming Charity Donations On Your Tax Return

When you give money to a charity, your gifts may be a tax deductible donation that can boost your tax refund. There are lots of charities and worthy causes out there that rely on the generosity of taxpayer donations in order to help the less fortunate. Like many Australians, if one or more of those […]

ATO Data Matching – What Is It And Will It Affect Me?

You may have heard that ATO data matching technology is now being used in Australia. The ATO launched the system to shine a light on people who have undeclared income missing from their tax returns, opening a new opportunity to catch people out and collect more tax from Australians who may understate their income. What […]

Why Property Investors Love Tax Time

Don’t you just love getting a tax refund? Whilst nobody enjoys all the paperwork that goes with filing a tax return, getting it right can be rewarding particularly if you’re a property investor. One of the major benefits of investing in property over other asset classes, is support for your investment from the Australian government […]

Tax Deductions For Nurses

As a nurse it’s likely you regularly purchase items that are work-related. In most cases, these expenses can be classified as tax deductions for nurses. This post covers a range of tax deductions for nurses and will help ensure you get the most benefit on your next tax return. Common Tax Deductions For Nurses While […]

Do You Have Lost Super Sitting Around?

Thousands of Australians have more than one superannuation account (super fund) – meaning more fees and less interest. Knowing how to find lost super accounts and then consolidate multiple accounts into a single superannuation account is certainly worth your time. By taking a moment to combine your multiple accounts, you’ll be putting more money in […]

The Top 6 Forgotten Tax Deductions

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, it’s a good time to discuss tax deductions – especially those deductions often missed by taxpayers like you. We surveyed our senior accountants and asked them “what are the top 5 forgotten deductions on individual tax returns?” – that is, deductions people can claim, but often […]

Making Money Doing What You Love

No matter what our day job entails we all need time away from the pressure of work. Lots of people escape from the working grind by doing something they truly enjoy. Indeed, it seems we all need a release, a hobby or a passion to keep us vital and inspired. At some time, all of […]

A Good Icome Is The Greatest Asset

Everyone would like a high income. Why? So they can enjoy spending it. A good income is extremely valuable, but not so much for spending, as for the other opportunities it opens up. Income gives access to basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Once they are met it can provide comforts, perhaps even luxuries. […]

The 4 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Morning

You roll out of bed exhausted every morning. Your brain was going like gangbusters all night, keeping you awake with thoughts and plans about your business. Now you’re ready to execute—if you could just find the shirt you were planning to wear to that important client meeting. Where’s the address again? Uh-oh, your phone isn’t charged, […]

How Successful People Manage Their Time

How one manages their spare time can reveal a lot about their success. Laura Vanderkam talked to a number of successful people (including productivity expert David Allen and the former CEO of Pepsi) and found out their secrets. Here’s how you can get lot accomplished during the week, feel less stressed and even have more fun on the weekend. 1. […]

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